Grants & Financial Aid

One of the solutions to sustainable economic development and social change is quality education and adequate health care. As stated in the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, these goals must benefit humanity regardless of social strata, race, social class, and gender. Aware of these facts, I dedicate a portion of my income to the neediest populations, primarily in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Philippines.


Prof. Dr. Jose Manuel Saiz-Alvarez Fund Scholarships


Partial scholarship support for low-income students (strata 1, 2, and 3) in support of the "Minuto de Dios" University Corporation (UNIMINUTO) Research Seedbeds in Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca, Colombia).

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Saiz-Álvarez Non-profit Microloans

Since 2009

Through KIVA, I crowdfund non-profit microloans in 73 countries through 151 local NGOs to benefit thousands of small entrepreneurs, single mothers, and needy families, mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean, in the fifteen productive sectors KIVA works with to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Padrinos Program

Colombia, The Phillippines, Honduras, and Nicaragua

Since 1999

In collaboration with the Juan Bonal Foundation of the Sisters of Charity of Santa Ana (Zaragoza, Spain), with more than 300 educational centers located in 30 countries, I give support in the sponsorship of boys (Colombia and Honduras) and girls (Philippines and Nicaragua ).

Hogar Nazaret

Prelature of Moyobamba, Peruvian Amazone

Since 2019

I financially support the Spanish Jesuit Father Ignacio-María Doñoro de los Ríos, S.J., to help him, in coordination with the priests of the Prelature of Moyobamba (Peruvian Amazon), collaborators and the Peruvian educational system, to educate children and adolescents at high risk of social exclusion.

SED (Solidarity, Education, Development)

Marist Missionaries, Comarape, Bolivia

Since 2020

I help with lunch and transportation scholarships for primary, secondary, and vocational students from Comarape peasant communities who attend Marist schools in Bolivia.

Programa "Apadrina una escuela" - Hogar Juvenil Don Bosco, Condoto, Colombia

"Apadrina una escuela" Program

Don Bosco Youth Home, Condoto, Colombia

Since 2020

In collaboration with other donors, I sponsor 90 young people from impoverished families who are at risk of social exclusion due to the presence of violent groups outside the law. These young people attend primary and secondary school at the Don Bosco Youth Home in Condoto, Chocó Department, Colombia.

"Sponsor a Book" Program - Franciscan Library of the Province of Santiago, Spain

Since 2020

The Franciscan Library of the Province of Santiago, located in the Monastery of San Francisco de Santiago de Compostela, is one of Spain's most important monastic libraries, with more than 80,000 antique books, including 72 incunabula and 15 cantorales. It is part of the Network of Libraries of Galicia and the Network of Franciscan Libraries of the Province of Santiago, made up of all the monastic libraries, schools, and study centers of the Franciscan Province of Santiago, which currently covers the territories of Galicia, Asturias, Castile, Salamanca, Palencia and the Custody of Venezuela. By sponsoring old books, I contribute to their restoration to preserve these bibliographical jewels.

Mother Program - Fundación Madrina, Madrid, Spain

Since 2021

This Spanish foundation helps and supports single mothers with children under the age of 3 and pregnant women in situations of risk, abandonment, or violence through a comprehensive and personalized intervention of at least 18 months. As a partner, I help with regular and periodic financial contributions. Since 2002, Fundación Madrina has been integrated into the support programs of the Community of Madrid, SAMUR, and 012; since 2004, it has supported European initiatives that work for women, children, and adolescents; since 2007, it has been part of the Spanish Association of Foundations, and since 2012, it has intervened with associations in the United Nations for the same purpose.


Group support for brilliant 100% scholarship students to transform them into leaders who bring about social change in their communities of origin. The prestigious Tecnológico de Monterrey, where I worked as a professor-researcher for four years, is the first university in Mexico, the third in Latin America, and is ranked 161st in the QS World University Rankings 2022, making it one of the top 200 universities in the world.

"Yo soy padrino" Program, Prep@Net 


Support students with partial scholarships that cover a percentage of the tuition for the subjects that make up the program.

Ateneo de Manila University, The Phillippines

Since 2018

Support for low-income students at this Catholic university in Quezon City, founded in 1859 by the Society of Jesus.

Seminario de San Carlos y San Ambrosio (La Habana, Cuba)
Seminario de San Carlos y San Ambrosio (La Habana, Cuba)


Support for a group of diocesan seminarians integrated into the Virgen de la Candelaria group of the San Carlos and San Ambrosio Seminary (Havana, Cuba) so that they can complete their theological studies and become priests of the Catholic Church.


The World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) is a private non-profit effort, founded for the sole purpose of supporting projects that promote the health and welfare needs of underprivileged communities and orphaned children with disabilities in developing countries.

Since 2020

As a tribute and thanks to my parents, both pharmacists, I financially support the largest pharmaceutical NGO in Spain, which operates in 51 countries worldwide and has benefited more than 26 million people in various projects.

Since 2015

To provide financial support for the realization of the right to health for all people, especially those who are vulnerable, marginalized, or victims of natural disasters, famine, disease, armed conflict, or political violence.


I am donating to the Spanish Red Cross in its fight against cancer. The Spanish Red Cross is a voluntary humanitarian institution of public interest. It develops its activities under the protection of the Spanish Government and the High Patronage of the King and Queen of Spain.

Since 2018

Support for Central American migrants passing through the state of Jalisco (Mexico) to receive food and humanitarian aid.


Support to highly vulnerable refugees on survival and health issues


Selvas Amazónicas - Dominican Missionaries


Since 2018

Financial support for the Amazon missions of the Dominican Missionaries in Peru (Province of San Juan Bautista), located along two Amazon rivers: the Urubamba River (missions of Quillabamba, Koribeni, Timpía, Kirigueti, and Sepahua) and the Madre de Dios River (missions of Shintuya and Puerto Maldonado).

Since 1987

Manos Unidasis is a non-governmental organization of the Catholic Church and volunteers in Spain that fights against hunger, poverty, underdevelopment, and their causes in developing countries.

Since 2019

This Pontifical Foundation helps missionaries and priests in great need, serving the Catholic Church in its evangelizing work and prioritizing the most needy, discriminated, or persecuted Christian communities worldwide.

Since 2020

Spain concentrates a third of the world's contemplative life. It has the most significant number of cloistered monasteries on the planet, so I have helped financially in numerous projects of the Foundation with various religious orders, such as the Conceptionist Mothers, the Order of the Poor Clares, the Order of the Discalced Mercedarians, the Order of the Discalced Carmelites, the Order of the Augustinian Recollects, among many others.

Since 2020

Founded in 2008 in Madrid (Spain) and made up of lawyers, advocates, jurists, professors, and law students, it defends religious freedom, the right to life, and the values of the Catholic family and Spaniards when their rights and liberties are violated because of their faith.


Founded in 1985 by the Augustinian Recollect Brother Sebastián López de Murga, they are now declared Venerable; they care for the sick, especially cancer patients. I collaborate promptly by donating to the sisters any economic amount I receive during my teaching and research activity at the Uniagustiniana.


Sponsorship of aspirants in the "Jesus the Sower" Aspirancy and novices in the Fountain of Living Water Novitiate to teenagers and young women to become Daughters of St. Mary of the Heart of Jesus.