Accademia Tiberina già Pontificia

Rome, Italy

Founded on April 9, 1813, by a group of 26 intellectuals from all over Italy, among which we must mention: the poets Giuseppe Gioachino Belli and Jacopo Ferretti, the historian Antonio Coppi, the patriot doctor Pietro Sterbini and the humanist Gaetano Celti, with the objective of compiling a political-civil history from Odoacro to the pontificate of Pope Clement XIV and literary history of the time, and cultivating Latin and Italian sciences and letters, and especially everything related to historical studies on Rome


Founded on August 12, 1959, the AMC is an independent, nonprofit civil association that brings together members with outstanding academic backgrounds and who work in various institutions in Mexico and abroad to link scientists from very diverse areas of knowledge under the principle that science, technology and education are fundamental tools to build a culture that allows the development of nations, but also the independent and critical thinking from which the sovereignty of Mexico is defined and defended.

PhD Talks is a disruptive platform for the dissemination of science

ISAAAC Liaison Expert Mexico, LATAM (Latin America)

ISAAAC is an academic platform which can promote this vision of recombinant innovation and provide a degree of impartial synthesis to bring together the business/ industry components to catalyze an end-to-end system of a systems approach for real-world solutions.